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Sun to Stars 8-hour MTB Race 2017 Results

Lap distance: 6.5km, 100m climb


  1. Sarah Caylor 14 laps
  2. Tyler Hollema 13 laps
  3. Ryan Genoe 13 laps
  4. Hunter Purdon 10 laps
  5. Dan Marceau 9 laps

2-Rider Teams:

  1. WolfPak On Stack (Paul Guenette/Marc Rioux) 20 laps
  2. CH Cooper (Chad Cooper/Holden Cooper) 10 laps
  3. Sultans of Skids (Art Belanger/Grant Todd) 9 lap

4-Rider Teams:

  1. Team FOG (Bill Dainty/Ed Ayranto/Rich Pady/Heather Pady) 20 laps
  2. XTERRA Warriors (Steve Simpson/Wil Smith/Katarina Smith/Heather Smith) 20 laps
  3. Crane Lake 1 (Ethan Shaw/Carys Reid/Dave Knights/Luke Knights) 19 laps
  4. Parry Sound Bikes (Anna George/Thomas Clark/Aleesha Mullen/Nych Burnside) 18 laps
  5. Crane Lake 2 (Ray Hawkins/Abby Weening/Jon Weening/Chris Reid) 16 laps
  6. Local Heros (Stu Munro/Albert Phan/David Bywater) 16 laps
  7. Dibrova Six (Bohdan Nebesny/Damian Nebesny/Paul Chowla/Stephanie Biro) 11 laps
  8. Team Van Go - DNS



NEW DATE: Sun to Stars event until September 30th.

The much-anticipated move of Parry Sound Bikes into the new fire hall location is scheduled for the week of August 21-27, and we all felt there was no way for the PS Bikes team to both accomplish the move and host a large event at the same time

Sept 30th, 2017

  • Registration: 1:00 pm
  • Race Start: 2:00 pm
  • Race End: 10:00 pm

Parry Sound Bikes presents Parry Sound's 2nd 8 hour MTB Race Relay, in partnership with Get Outdoors Parry Sound, at Georgian Nordic Ski Club.

    This is the route for the 2017 edition of the Sun to Stars 8-Hour Race. Minor updates from 2016 include swapping out the old beaver dam, and adding in the new twisty/turny singletrack at the beginning of the  Eagle (just the bits on the flat). The classic  Rattlesnake experience is still in the race course, as is  Weasel. Top riders may be able to clear the course in about 20 minutes, but most riders will be closer to 30 minutes per lap. Course length is 6.5km, with 80m climb per lap (feels like more, with multiple small climbs)
    If you don't have a team but would like to join one, simply show up on race day and we will do our best to match folks up. There is plenty of room for tents if teams prefer to bring their own shelter, and the Burrow will also be open.

    Race start is 2pm, and runs until 10pm. Sunset occurs at about 7:15pm. Any rider on the course after 7pm requires a headlight (handlebar or helmet mounted lights are permitted), a taillight, and an emergency backup light source

    Register as a solo rider, team of 2 or team of 4. Ride the 8km lap course for 8 hours to complete as many laps as possible.

    GOPS members Non-members
    Solo Rider $60 $70
    Team of 2  $100 $120
    Team of 4 $180 $200
    Single Rider (will be placed on team) $60 $70


    Online registration available until Saturday, Sept 30, until 10:00 am