Dates available: July 4, 11, August 1, 8

Each visit has three exciting elements 1) Bees, 2) Birds, and 3) Brewery tour.

Bees - 10:00 am
Education | An interactive educational session will leave you amazed as you learn about honeybees, the organization of the hive, and their role in our environment.
Visit to Apiary | Get up an close with honeybees in the apiary. Watch the honeybees in action and if weather permits, open up a hive.
Enjoy honey | Your taste buds will explode as you sample a variety of local, regional, and international honey.

Birds - 11:00 am
Learn about birds and biodiversity within the biosphere reserve with a biologist.
Walk through forest and around wetland areas.
Spot a variety of birds, small mammals, and turtles.
Learn about the world’s largest freshwater archipelago, the “30,000 Islands”

Brewery Tour - 12:00 pm
Visit an independent, craft brewery on the Seguin River
Take a brewery tour and sample a flight of four different beers of your choice
Relax on the patio looking out to Parry Sound harbour. A full menu is available but food is not included in the price of this experience. Children and those under legal drinking age are provided with non-alcoholic beverage options.

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